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How Orgasms Relieve Stress

April 1, 2017

How Orgasms Relieve Stress

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People enjoy sex and they enjoy it even more when they have an orgasm. An orgasm is more than just a pleasurable feeling; it can be good for a person’s health. There are some ways that an orgasm is able to relieve stress and allow a person to remain feeling good even when they have finished having sex.
When a person is sexually aroused the blood flow to their genital area increased and the muscles in this area become tight. When a person has an orgasm they are going back to their pre arousal state and this will relieve tension in the muscles. A person will also experience a warm or tingling feeling as well as changes in breathing. The orgasm will allow blood and oxygen to increase in their flow to the brain as well. This will bring extra nutrients to the brains which are needed to help control tension and stress levels. This happens in a large portion of the brain which provides a calming feeling to a person.

The feeling from the orgasm will be able to take a person’s mind off a stressful situation that they may be facing. When a person has an orgasm the hormones Oxycontin and endorphin will be released by the body. They are responsible for feelings of calmness as well as putting a person in a good mood. They will also allow a person to feel relaxed, comfortable, and allow the body and mind to feel safe. Studies have shown that having an orgasm from sex with a partner releases these hormones. While a person can get some of the benefits from masturbation a lower level of these hormones will be released. The feeling of relief from stress will not be as intense. Cortisol levels will also be released from both sex and masturbation allowing a person an increased feeling of happiness and stress relief.
If a person is feeling stressed before they are having sex the stress levels they are feeling can interfere with the ability to have an orgasm. A person can still enjoy the stress relieving benefits of sex but it may take a little while longer. Foreplay can be a great way to decrease stress and increase the chance of having an orgasm. When a couple engages in foreplay they become fully aroused. The average woman requires 10- 20 minutes of sexual stimulation to orgasm while the average man only needs 3 to 7 minutes. Foreplay can help reduce the gap and gives both partners the chance to orgasm.
Studies have been conducted on mood and how an orgasm can improve mood while reducing stress. Studies have shown that when a person had an orgasm the night before they reported reduced feelings of stress the next morning. A person was able to go about their day including going to work without the intense feeling of stress. An orgasm is one of the best stress management tools that can help a person that is feeling stressed out.
The same study has shown that people who had orgasm reported increased positive feelings during the day. People who had an orgasm reported the next day they had fewer negative feelings and were able to go through the day with a positive attitude.
Stress is one of the worst things for a person’s health. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, negative feelings, and moodiness. There are medications that can be used to lower stress but they often have side effects. There is no need to go on stress medications when a person can have sex. If they are having sexual relations with a trusted partner there are no side effects other than a reduce feeling of stress and anxiety. Sex can burn just as many calories as an intense physical workout. Exercise is recommended to many people for stress management. Sex is another form of exercise only people would say it is a lot more fun than working out at the gym. Both partners can benefit from the stress relief that sex has to offer.
While people have sex to feel good even for a time being they do not expect that an orgasm would have a lasting effect. Orgasms have been shown to reduce the amount of stress that a person is feeling and release hormones into their system to improve mood. Now a person has another reason to have sex and keep going until they have an orgasm. They will be able to feel less stressed directly after the orgasm and the next day as well.