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Why Porn is So Meaningful to Most People

September 22, 2017

Why Porn is So Meaningful to Most People

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It is no surprise that people love porn and have for quite some time. What is changing, however, is the ease at which porn is disseminated and how many people are attempting to emulate it in their lives. Just why porn is so meaningful to many people, including the sexually active, may seem confusing to many at first glance but can be understood better when it is explored thoroughly.

Porn as a Teacher

Those new to sex, or those who are looking to extend their horizons, will commonly use porn as a way of learning how to engage in certain sexual acts. Porn can be a real teacher as to what to do, how to illicit pleasure in your significant other, and what different sexual acts are commonly performed Since porn is a demand driven industry, as all industries are really, the sexual acts that people perform in videos are those that appeal to some subset of the population. By understanding that, and paying attention to what porn actors are doing you can understand how to better satisfy your partner and what they are likely to enjoy. Porn videos can also teach you better technique and this can help you to enjoy the sexual act more and to reduce the chance of injury when doing so.

Porn as a Fantasy Fulfillment

There are many different sexual acts that you are unlikely to ever be able to enjoy either due to the lack of interest from your spouse or significant other or the inability to obtain the person whom you want to engage in it with. For these situations, whatever your tastes may be, porn may serve as a way of fulfilling those fantasies that you may otherwise not be able to ever experience.

Once you are in a significant relationship you may be attracted to others who you want to fantasize about, but not actually engage in sexual acts with in order to not stray from your spouse. Porn is a great way to remain honest in your relationship and loyal to your spouse, but to maintain your libido and to keep your sexual fantasies fresh in your mind.

Porn as a Way of Getting Off

Some people enjoy watching porn simply as a way of getting off and being able to orgasm when they might otherwise have a problem doing so with simple masturbation. Porn provides visual representation of sex which can add a level of reality to your daydreams an enhance the experience more than it might otherwise be. Since it is always available to someone with an Internet connection, porn is a great way to help you to get off and orgasm quicker and in a more fulfilling way than you might otherwise.

Porn as a Form of Foreplay

Many couples are starting their sexual sessions by watching porn as a way of getting themselves excited for the intimacy they are about to share. A quick video can get you and your spouse hard and wet and excited for the act. It may also make your spouse more willing to try some sexual moves or positions that they may have previously considered to be taboo. Porn will therefore serve as a form of foreplay that will help to get them prepared for sex and serves as an aphrodisiac of sorts both for the act of sex itself, as well as for a whole world of exploration.

Porn as Entertainment

Some people simply enjoy watching porn for the fun of it. Some porn can be funny, adventurous, and even story laden and interesting. There is not just one type of porn and many people will watch it for the sheer entertainment that they are able to extract from it, even without the goal of greater sexual satisfaction. While this may not be your own interest in it, many do enjoy porn for the entertainment it imparts into their life.

Porn has only been increasing in popularity but this is more likely due to the wide availability of it and the ease of viewing it on your computer, cell phone, or through the more traditional forms of video. People will always love porn and the increased variety of it, as well as the overall improving quality and wider variety of it, is only driving more people to enjoying it than ever before. Porn is part of our lives and that is unlikely to change any time in the future, and due to the sheer happiness, information, and entertainment that it provides, this widespread availability of porn is an overall positive for society.