Month: March 2017

How Sex 2-3 Times a day for a month changed my day to day perspective.

March 17, 2017


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There was a time in my life when I absolutely felt very depressed, and that I was just experiencing day to day life as it came and went. I felt very bored and sincerely unfulfilled with my life, until I started to have sex many times a day; sometimes three or more times, every day! I noticed immediately that I was able to bounce back from my gloom and doom feelings whenever I had sex. So I began to do it as many times in the day as I possibly could.

I don’t know why it happens, but I have found that sex is one of the largest contributing factors to my mood throughout the day. In fact, some of my very best friends have noticed that during the times that I am not having sex, I am annoyed and difficult to be around. I’m basically just not a good person if I’m not having my fair share, or more, of sex everyday.

The truth is, that if we are lucky enough as people to have sexual encounters on a daily basis, throughout the day, whether it’s from a committed relationship or with a sex partner that we met using an online app, it appears to be a highly advantageous activity for general health, creativeness and happiness.

As you may know, sex is a completely acceptable and normal action that every adult experiences from time to time. There is now a growing collection of scientific evidence that appears to point to frequent bouts of daily sex as being incredibly beneficial for human beings. Yet, in many cultures, the act of sex appears to be an unnecessary taboo.

Studies are coming to the conclusion that people who experience sex on a regular basis, specifically on a daily basis, appear to have happier lives. As most people know, they feel amazing after sex. However, what they may not be aware of, is that the effects of that feeling continue throughout the body long after the sex act has transpired.

Many people who have had sex on a daily basis, for many months to years, have reported some interesting findings. They often report that they go through a sensation of increased self confidence, have a lust for life and are happier people overall. Some people have even reported that it is the one moment in the day where they feel the most at peace. It is the moment where they feel they can open up and have genuine conversations with their sex partners or spouses, knowing that their partner is actually attentive to every word they speak, and not secretly thinking about a TV show or a sports game they want to go to.

Sex is known to bring out a person’s confidence, and this could very well be the reason for the burst of happiness and jubilation after sex. Some studies even show that people who have regular sex acts feel more confident about their own bodies compared to those who were not having sex as often.

Sex is so natural to engage in, plus it’s healthy for you, according to numerous studies. One of the reported effects of regularly having sexual encounters that I have personally known, is a lowering of my blood pressure. This is awesome, because that means that I’m at a much less risk for ever experiencing a heart attack, and it’s because of constant sex!

Doctors have even stated that the immune system is improved from regular sex, and that there is a noted decrease in stress levels. There are even doctors who admit that everyday sex acts can reduce the onset of cancers. It also provides a noticeable glow to the skin. I personally consider sex to be part of my daily exercise regime. All of that action in the sheets counts up to a great cardiovascular workout for me and my partner.

I have also noticed that the more sex I am having, the more creative I am. As an artist, my creativity has soared through the roof from the massive influx of sex that I make sure to have on a daily basis. Many psychologists have admitted that artists in particular have a much higher number of sexual partners, compared to any other profession worldwide. In fact, they go as far as to say that if the sex act itself is with someone that we actually care about and love, the creativity levels are even higher!